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Why stable blood sugar is the key to fat burning how you achieve it.

What is the blood sugar?

Blood sugar, also called glucose, is our main source of energy. It determines how hungry and energetic we feel. It is formed during the breakdown of carbohydrates. We are at our best when our blood sugar is always constantly at the same level, not too high and not too low – in other words, in balance. Only then the fat burning in your body will work.

Glucose metabolism is a complex process in the human body that involves the uptake, storage and utilization of glucose to provide energy for cells. The liver plays a decisive role in this. It stores glucose in the form of glycogen, releases glucose into the blood to ensure energy supply and contributes to glucose production when glycogen stores are depleted. These processes are crucial for supplying the body with energy and regulating blood sugar levels. If your liver is weakened and cannot function optimally, your blood sugar level cannot be regulated. You can read how to recognize a weakened liver and what you can do about it in our article “Tired all the time? Maybe your liver is whispering for help”.

How does an unbalanced blood glucose level manifest itself?

An unbalanced blood glucose level can manifest itself in a number of ways and often depends on the degree of deviation and the duration of the imbalance. Here are some possible symptoms of unbalanced blood sugar:

Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia):

  1. You feel tired or weak
  2. You have sweats
  3. You have palpitations or an increased pulse rate
  4. You are nervous or have anxiety
  5. You have ravenous appetite
  6. You are confused or irritable
  7. You have vision problems
  8. You have a headache

High blood sugar (hyperglycemia):

  1. You have to go to the bathroom often
  2. You have strong thirst
  3. You feel tired or weak
  4. You have vision problems
  5. Mouth and skin are dry
  6. You have no appetite
  7. You suffer from nausea or vomiting
  8. You have stomach ache

Constantly unbalanced blood sugar can lead to serious problems in the long term, especially for people with diabetes. But blood sugar levels are especially important whenever you want to boost your fat burning. This is only possible if the blood sugar is stable and balanced.

The right diet can help you stabilize your blood sugar naturally, allowing you to burn more fat and have consistent energy throughout the day.

Lose weight: blood sugar plays an important role

When your blood sugar level spikes from eating sugar or other carbohydrates, the pancreas releases the hormone insulin to regulate blood sugar.

Insulin takes up blood sugar and transports it from the blood into the cells. This balances out the excessively high blood glucose level. This insulin output tells our body that there is plenty of energy available and that it should stop burning fat now. Instead, your body then begins to store fat.

So insulin lowers your blood sugar, but at the same time inhibits fat burning. Due to hormonal counter-regulation, extreme fluctuations in blood glucose levels also promote cravings.

As a result, the ups and downs of blood sugar start all over again. This is also called the “blood sugar roller coaster.”

Nerd Info: The normal range for your blood glucose should be between 80 mg/ml and 120 mg/ml

Chromium and magnesium support stable blood sugar

Chromium is an essential trace element involved in carbohydrate and fat metabolism and also supports balanced blood sugar levels. The best sources of chromium in our latitudes are, for example, quinces, brown rice, Brazil nuts, oysters and pears.

Dietary supplements can also support your chromium supply. In Ogaenics, chromium from a plant source is included in all multivitamins for blood sugar stabilization, e.g. in Mrs. Do-It-All Multivitamin Complex Women 45+. It contains natural chromium from organic plants, herbs and fruits to help stabilize your blood sugar and thus optimize your fat burning.

Magnesium has also been shown to help balance blood sugar. In studies, it reduced insulin resistance and stabilized blood sugar. Thus, it indirectly supports your fat burning. When choosing a magnesium supplement, make sure to choose a natural magnesium, as it is absorbed in the body almost 100 times better than the synthetic magnesium oxide. You’ll find natural magnesium from the green algae Ulva lactuca in organic quality in Calm-A-Lama plant-based magnesium from Ogaenics.

Dietary rules for stable blood sugar

But what does our blood sugar have to do with losing weight now? Losing weight happens between meals – when you have a balanced blood sugar level and there is no excess insulin. For this reason, you can facilitate your healthy fat burning and keep your metabolism active in the long run with a balanced blood sugar.

1. prefer complex carbohydrates

To keep your blood sugar level as constant as possible and to boost fat burning, you should avoid simple carbohydrates and hidden sugars in foods as much as possible and instead rely on complex carbohydrates. It is worth taking a look at the ingredient lists.

The simple carbohydrates you should avoid include all types of sugars that end in “ose” in the ingredient list of foods, for example sucrose (=household sugar), fructose (=fructose), lactose (=milk sugar) and glucose.

Instead, choose the whole-grain variety of bread, pasta and rice as often as possible.

2. do not starve

Never let your body go hungry. Starvation, in fact, causes the production of stress hormones such as cortisol, which prevent fat burning. The low blood sugar resulting from hunger also causes your body to break down muscle, which slows down your metabolism.


3. combine the nutrients cleverly

Combine any meal that contains carbohydrates with protein and healthy fats. Even better, avoid carbohydrates if necessary. This is because fat has less influence on blood sugar than carbohydrates.

Healthy fats (e.g. avocado, fish or nuts) as well as proteins slow down the absorption of your meal, which helps you avoid a blood sugar spike. You feel fuller and satisfied for longer, your blood sugar level remains stable for a longer time and fat burning is activated.

Dietary fiber also slows the absorption of carbohydrates, especially glucose. You’ll find fiber in all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Benefit: The natural sugars found in vegetables and fruits come in a natural “fiber package.” This slows down the absorption of the sugar it contains and does not pose a problem for your fat burning.

4. do not skip a meal and take a break for 4 hours each time

It’s not just what you eat that matters, but when you eat it. The best method is to eat regularly every 4 hours. And nothing to eat in between. In fact, snacking is the end of fat burning.

Regular meals, on the other hand, will balance your blood sugar and support your weight loss. Start your first meal one hour after waking up and eat a balanced meal every four hours – until you put your head on the pillow in the evening.

If you don’t skip a meal, your metabolism will increase and your blood sugar levels will remain stable. The result: the insulin content in the blood is lowered and fat burning runs at full speed.

5. pay attention to a low glycemic index


If you are very sensitive to sugar, then you should pay special attention to foods with a low glycemic index in your diet. This way you can keep your blood sugar stable.

The glycemic index is a measure used to determine the effect of a food on blood glucose. The lower it is, the better for your blood sugar. Basically, only foods that contain carbohydrates can have a glycemic index.

Low glycemic index foods, along with fats and proteins, stabilize your blood sugar levels, helping you burn fat.

6. move after eating

Also, support your body after eating by moving. The energy from the carbohydrates is thus used for combustion and not stored as a fat reserve. So try to always get exercise after eating, for example, by taking a healthy walk in the fresh air. This supports your fat burning.

7. reduce stress

The stress hormone cortisol is closely linked to elevated blood glucose. Its release is positively influenced by exercise, sleep and relaxation techniques. Reading, bathing and spending time in nature can also help lower your stress.

In addition, so-called adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha help your body reduce stress hormones in the body during periods of stress. This brings body, mind and soul back into balance. Found in the Ogaenics Adapto Genie Balancing Complex.

To learn how to lower your stress hormones, check out the article “Lowering Cortisol: How to Beat Stress and Fatigue.”


Stable blood sugar is essential for weight loss and overall health. It not only helps burn fat, but also helps maintain energy throughout the day and prevent serious health problems in the long run. Through conscious nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, you can keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day while activating your metabolism and fat burning.

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