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Vitamin C is an essential vitamin. It contributes to the reduction of fatigue and exhaustion, normal functioning of the psyche, nervous and immune systems. It also supports normal collagen formation to maintain the function of blood vessels, bones, teeth and skin. Vitamin C also increases iron absorption, contributes to the regeneration of vitamin E and the protection of cells from oxidative stress. The natural vitamin C used by Ogaenics comes from certified organic amla berries. It is therefore vegan and without additives. Your body will thank you by immediately recognizing the natural vitamin C from the fruit and making optimal use of it. That’s the Ogaenics difference.

Kennzeichen bio-zertifiziert

certified organic

Kennzeichen vegan


Kennzeichen ohne Gentechnik

without additives

Kennzeichen ohne Gentechnik


Kennzeichen glutenfrei

gluten free

Kennzeichen Laktosefrei

lactose free

Organic vitamin C - high dose, vegetable and vegan

100% Vitamin C and more in Ogaenics organic multivitamins.

100% vitamin C and more in the Bio Beauty complexes

Vegan vitamin C as an active partner

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