Your iron supply - made easy

Here you’ll find a selection of high-quality organic food supplements that can help support your iron intake and boost your energy levels. Whether you are vegan or vegetarian, pregnant or suffering from iron deficiency, we have the right product for you. The iron used by Ogaenics comes from organic curry leaves. It is therefore purely vegetable, vegan and without additives. Organic curry leaves grow without the use of genetic engineering, herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Your body thanks you by immediately recognizing the natural iron and tolerating it optimally, without the otherwise often usual impairment of the stomach and intestines. That’s the Ogaenics difference.

Kennzeichen bio-zertifiziert

certified organic

Kennzeichen vegan


Kennzeichen ohne Gentechnik

without additives

Kennzeichen ohne Gentechnik


Kennzeichen glutenfrei

gluten free

Kennzeichen Laktosefrei

lactose free

Defy iron deficiency - with your daily dose of iron from organic curry leaves

Do you have an iron deficiency or are you pregnant? Then you need a high-dose iron complex with 30 mg iron from curry leaves

Our organic multivitamins also contain iron from curry leaves

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The Ogaenics quality

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