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Folic acid in its bioactive form as folate is a vital B vitamin. Folate is important for the immune and nervous systems, for normal mental function and for reducing fatigue. During pregnancy, folate contributes to the growth of maternal tissues, supports cell division and blood formation. The vegetable folate used by Ogaenics is naturally derived from organic spinach and not synthetically produced. It is therefore in the optimal methylated form for absorption, is vegan and without additives. Your body will thank you by immediately recognizing the natural folate and making optimal use of it. That’s the Ogaenics difference.

Kennzeichen bio-zertifiziert

certified organic

Kennzeichen vegan


Kennzeichen ohne Gentechnik

without additives

Kennzeichen ohne Gentechnik


Kennzeichen glutenfrei

gluten free

Kennzeichen Laktosefrei

lactose free

520 micrograms of folate embedded in the best organic multivitamin.

400 micrograms of folate in combination with vitamin B12 and iron

Vegan folate embedded in Ogaenics organic multivitamins.

Vegan folate embedded in vitamin B complex

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The Ogaenics quality

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