Which supplements strengthen your immune system now and support your defense.

Your body is a gift of nature that carries you through life. Trillions of cells work non-stop according to an ingenious plan. They are constantly renewing themselves, keeping you healthy, strong and beautiful.

But when the challenges of everyday life put a strain on your body and make it difficult for it to protect itself, we’re here for you. Because prevention is better than cure. But that’s easy to say when we’re surrounded by sick family members and friends.

The body’s defense system

The body’s immune system is the first line of defense, like a surveillance system that is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week, constantly monitoring and protecting the state of internal and external health.

A healthy immune system is quickly able to recognize and destroy invaders such as bacteria, viruses or fungi. However, a weakened immune system is not able to fight these troublemakers. You’ll be more susceptible to colds and illnesses.

Ogaenics supports you with the best nutrients and active ingredients for a strong defense – certified organic and so pure, highly concentrated and potent that you see and feel results. A small moment in the morning results in a big effect for your well-being.

The benefits for you: renewed energy, a better defense and a stronger self. Simply the Ogaenics difference.

Organic nutrients that strengthen the immune system

Body Guard Immunity Complex

Only one capsule per day: BODY GUARD is ideal for you if you often feel groggy, struggle with allergies or want to strengthen your defenses preventively. It’s also perfect if you’re under a lot of stress or exposed to a lot of bacteria and viruses in your job.

Immune boosters from nature support the immune system: natural vitamin C and zinc, maitake, ginger, black elderberries and echinacea. This is because insufficient zinc intake over a 30-day period can already lead to a 30 to 80 percent reduction in immune protection. Maitake mushrooms contain a polysaccharide called beta-glucan, which has an immunomodulating effect.

The natural BODY GUARD Immunity Complex from organic plants provides 100 percent of your daily requirement of plant zinc from organic guava leaves, as well as your daily requirement of vitamin C from amla berries for the immune system.

In a study published in the summer 2004 issue of the Journal of Medicinal Food, it was found that maitake activates immune cells and helps fight infections. Studies show that the simultaneous intake of bioavailable vitamin C makes the effect of maitake even more effective.


Zinc is an important trace element to strengthen the immune system. It is so important to the immune system that a deficiency over a 30-day period results in 30 to 80 percent less immune protection. This increases susceptibility to viral infections and colds.

Natural zinc from guava leaves is included in Ogaenics along with all natural co-factors and co-nutrients that enhance absorption. We use it at 100 percent of the daily reference value for our Body Guard Immunity Complex and for our Premium Organic Multivitamins.

Maitake vital mushrooms

However, Body Guard contains not only zinc and vitamin C, but also organic maitake vital mushrooms. These have a long tradition in Asian medicine. Not only do they strengthen the immune system, they actually train it. Symptoms of colds and mild upper respiratory tract infections are thus alleviated.

In a study in the Journal of Medicinal Food, maitake was found to activate immune cells and help fight infections. Studies also show that the simultaneous intake of vitamin C makes the effect of maitake even more effective.

Body Guard Immunity Complex is great when you’re feeling down, struggling with infections or allergies. However, it can also be taken as a preventive measure when you are still well to strengthen your defenses.

Vitamin C

As early as the 1970s, it was discovered that white blood cells need vitamin C to destroy bacteria and viruses. Low levels of vitamin C in the blood are therefore associated with increased susceptibility to infections such as colds. You need 80 mg of this vitamin daily in normal times. Exactly this dose is contained in Body Guard Immunity Complex, naturally derived from organic amla berries.

At Ogaenics you can find the finest natural vitamin C from the Amla fruit in organic quality to strengthen the immune system also in high doses in Healthy Kick Plant-based Vitamin C . This pure vitamin should protect your body if you do a lot of sports or are a smoker, because then you have a much higher need. Even when viruses are just buzzing around us, our needs can be significantly higher.

Also, if you consume a lot of sugar, you need more support. Because did you know that sugar and vitamin C are similar in chemical structure and compete for space in immune cells?

So the more sugar in your body, the less vitamin C the white blood cells can absorb and the weaker the immune system becomes. By reducing sugar, you can also strengthen your immune system.

Read also“The 6 most important reasons to avoid sugar”.

HEALTHY KICK contains 240 mg of organic vitamin C from organic amla berries for strong immune defense and fast regeneration. It should not be missing in your medicine cabinet in winter.

Love Your Gut with live bacterial cultures

It is now known that about 80% of our immune system is located in our gut. That is why it is important to keep the intestines healthy. Probiotics are good bacteria that you can also find in fermented foods like raw sauerkraut, miso, yogurt, kefir, kimchi, and microalgae.

However, the advantage of a supplement like Love Your Gut Daily Biotic Complex is that you know exactly which strains of bacteria you are taking and in what amounts. Your immune system but also other aspects of your well-being like digestion will be supported. The premium formula of our Love Your Gut contains 10 billion bacteria per capsule from 21 clinically researched strains along with the fiber inulin from organic agave.

LOVE YOUR GUT is ideal for you if you not only want to strengthen your immune system, but also want to bring more well-being to your intestines and also want to compensate for dietary sins such as sugar.

Vitamin D

With vitamin D deficiency, you have a higher risk of developing asthma, cancer, or autoimmune diseases (such as multiple sclerosis). Your susceptibility to other diseases also increases.

Unfortunately, about 90% of all Germans have a vitamin D deficiency, especially in winter. The immune system is best strengthened with a dietary supplement. This is because vitamin D is only found in very few foods.

Just one capsule every two days: HELLO SUNSHINE and HELLO SUNSHINE plus K2 are the ideal supplements for you in winter. Everyone simply needs vitamin D, because the body cannot produce it without the sun. Year-round, you should supplement vitamin D if you spend time indoors every day, are prone to allergies, or are over the age of 50.

Hello Sunshine Vitamin D3 Complex 2,000 I.U. contains vitamin D3 in organic quality, embedded in its vegetable matrix of organic lichens from which it comes, making it particularly well utilized by the body. The Hello Sunshine plus K2 also contains vitamin K2 as MK7 from organic soy. The combination of vitamin D3 and K2 is particularly beneficial as they act synergistically and support each other. Vitamin D interacts directly with the cells that play a role in the defense. Reishi from organic cultivation additionally supports this effect in Hello Sunshine. This mushroom has a balancing effect: it can reduce or strengthen the activity of the immune system, depending on the need. That is why it is considered one of the adaptogens.

Other tips that strengthen the immune system

Drink plenty of water

It certainly sounds strange, but drinking lots of pure water helps in the production of lymph, which transports white blood cells and other cells of the immune system. Staying well hydrated is therefore one of the best things you can do. Drink at least two liters a day. For an extra boost, add a wedge of lemon.

7-8 hours sleep per day

The body rejuvenates and strengthens when it rests. This way you can also strengthen the immune system. If you can somehow manage it, sleep between 7 to 8 hours a day, and if necessary, take a nap at your home office. Your body will thank you.

Keep moving!

Exercise is not only a good way to get in shape, but it also strengthens the immune system. At least in moderation. It also improves sleep quality and makes our bodies stronger, even if it’s just a long walk!

Relax and laugh a lot!

Chronic stress and depression are not factors that strengthen the immune system. They make us more susceptible to disease. It is important to enjoy life and have fun. So reduce stress, be happy and laugh as much as possible!

PS: If it has unfortunately already caught you, you should support your body with the right food. You can find the best tips in our article “11 foods for the immune system”.

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