Strengthen your immune system now with these foods to prevent disease.


It’s super healthy if you love the spicy chilies – because chilies are one of the most underrated sources of vitamin C, and the only high-dose food source of it – though it’s unlikely anyone will eat more than a bite or two of it because of the spiciness. Vitamin C helps protect us from infections and strengthens our immunity by supporting antibodies. To take advantage of the high vitamin C content in chilies, it’s a good idea to make homemade (spicy) soups with them during flu season or add some chili to sauces.


You may be familiar with the fact that carrots are one of the best sources of beta-carotene, but what does this antioxidant actually do? Antioxidants help protect cells from damage, giving them an advantage in fighting infections. Beta-carotene turns into vitamin A in the body, and just ten baby carrots is enough to keep you supplied with this vitamin all day long.


Oysters are especially good for flu, as they are an optimal source of zinc. Zinc is critical for a well-functioning immune system and can also help reduce the extent and length of the disease. Just three oysters cover 100 percent of our daily zinc needs! But if you already can’t stand the thought of oysters, a super option is also a daily capsule of Ogaenics Body Guard Immunity Complex. It also contains the entire daily requirement of zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D.


There’s a reason why this green vegetable – fondly referred to as “kale” – has taken the world by storm in recent years. Only 100g are full of vitamins A and C. So make a smoothie with kale more often or just cook the classic kale dish during flu season!


Make sure you always add mushrooms to chicken soup (more on that later). These can help boost the immune system by increasing the body’s production of cytokines – proteins that help fight infections.

Asian medicinal mushrooms, such as maitake, which is also in Ogaenics Body Guard Immunity Complex , are particularly powerful. Maitake mushrooms contain beta-glucans. These belong to the vegetable dietary fibers. Beta-glucan has a positive influence on the immune system, as it activates white blood cells (more precisely, macrophages and neutrophils), which are responsible for the defense against harmful substances. Research shows that the simultaneous intake of bioavailable vitamin C, as contained in Body Guard, makes the effect of maitake even more effective.

Orange juice

Although store-bought orange juices also have high levels of vitamin C, squeezing the fruit is always preferable. Also, feel free to mix your juice with other fruits like grapefruit and tangerine for their equally high vitamin C content.

Chicken soup

It’s a classic for a reason. Hot liquids such as herbal teas and soups can have a calming effect on the course of the disease. Studies show that soups with vegetables can also have an anti-inflammatory effect and help with flu-like symptoms. A great classic recipe like grandma’s is available at Foodboom, for example.


Another vegetarian option high in vitamin C is broccoli – it’s especially a solid immunity-boosting option for people who want to take in lots of vitamin C but not much sugar (or fructose).

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes, like carrots, are full of vitamin A and are an excellent source of vitamin C. While most research shows that vitamin C can’t actually prevent the flu, it can help shorten its duration.


This root contains all sorts of substances that strengthen the immune system. Just add some ginger to meals or prepare shaved ginger with hot water like a tea. You can also find organic ginger in the Body Guard Immunity Complex from Ogaenics.


Although it puts a lot of odor on the noses of our fellow humans, garlic is great for the immune system. Namely, it has the ability to fight bacterial and viral infections.

To find out which nutrients in the form of natural supplements can help you avoid getting sick in the first place, read on: These supplements strengthen your immune system.

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