Organic Reishi


Organic Reishi

Origin China (Fujian and Jiangxi regions) | supplier of beta-glucans

The Reishi mushroom is the all-rounder among the vital mushrooms and is also called the mushroom of immortality in traditional Chinese medicine.

What active ingredients does Reishi contain?

Reishi mushroom is one of the most researched mushrooms. Numerous clinical studies prove its immune system modulating effect via the beta glucans contained in the mushroom. It has adaptogenic properties and can also help with stress. Studies have shown its positive histamine-reducing property in allergies. Its anti-oxidant properties can contribute to reducing the risk of premature aging.


Where does the reishi used for Ogaenics grow?

Our Reishi mushrooms are grown far away from cities and urban centers in the two regions of Fujian and Jiangxi in the Chinese highlands. Here are optimal climatic conditions for the growth of vital mushrooms. The mushrooms are grown in protected greenhouses where temperature, humidity and sunlight can be optimally controlled. Reishi mushroom grows on solid oak wood and takes 6-8 months to be ready for harvest.

How is Ogaenics Reishi powder made?

Reishi mushroom grows on a solid oak wood and takes 6-8 months to be ready for harvest. It is a hard mushroom, so it must be gently processed into powder in several steps. After gentle drying at below 35°C, the mushroom fruiting bodies are first checked manually and only the best mushrooms are then coarsely crushed into slices. In the next step, these are further crushed into so-called mushroom meal and then ground into ultra-fine powder in several steps.

This grinding technique is also known as the “shellbroken process”. This means that the cell walls are broken down. This is necessary because mushrooms have very hard cell walls made of chitin, which cannot be processed by the human body. Only in this way can your body absorb the active ingredients of the mushroom.

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