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Organic Maitake


Organic Maitake

Origin China (Fujian and Jiangxi regions) | supplier of polysaccharides

In Japan, the maitake mushroom is considered the king of mushrooms. In earlier times, its weight was weighed out in silver when purchased. Maitake in Japanese means “dancing mushroom” , because the Japanese danced with joy when they found a maitake mushroom. It has been collected and eaten in China and Japan for more than 5000 years. Maitake grows at the base of oaks and other hardwoods in temperate forests from August to November.

What active ingredients does Maitake contain?

The Maitake mushroom has one of the highest concentrations of polysaccharides of all mushrooms. These regulate the immune system as an adaptogen. The Maitake is mainly characterized by its regulatory action on the two T helper cells TH1 and TH2 of our immune system, in which it helps to bring them back into balance: as a rule, it shifts the dominance towards TH1 through the polysaccharide (Grifon D), thus strengthening the cellular defenses.


Where do the maitake used for Ogaenics grow?

Vital mushrooms have been firmly anchored in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years, and the cradle of vital mushrooms is therefore China – just as the cradle of champagne is firmly rooted in Champagne. The ancient knowledge of Chinese mushroom farmers is incorporated into modern organic mushroom cultivation.
In mushroom cultivation, the following points determine the quality of vital mushrooms: the place of cultivation and thus the quality of the soil, the cultivation material, the ripening period. These are crucial for the purity and quality! The cultivation of mushrooms begins with the careful preparation of substrates, i.e. culture media.

Our Maitake mushrooms are grown far away from cities and urban centers in the two regions of Fujian and Jiangxi in the Chinese highlands, where optimal climatic conditions for the growth of vital mushrooms. The mushrooms are grown in protected greenhouses where temperature, humidity and sunlight can be optimally controlled.

How is Ogaenics Maitake extract made?

The freshly harvested Maitake mushroom is first dried and then ground into mushroom meal. In order to obtain an absolutely pure and high quality extract, the mushroom meal is placed in a tank filled with pre-purified water and air. The mushrooms swell while the water is slowly heated to 90 degrees. The mushroom meal particles swirl in the water and release their precious ingredients such as the polysaccharides enclosed by chelin and protein compounds. Boiling makes the polysaccharides available and removes the chelin and protein compounds. This process can take up to 8 hours. At the end, the water and contents are drained and heated in a vacuum evaporator until the water has evaporated. What remains is a viscous mass (approx. 10% of the original material), which is spray-dried. From 100 kg of mushrooms, 1 kg of highly concentrated organic mushroom extract is obtained. This Maitake extract contains 30% polysaccharides.

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