The incredibly versatile vitamin B3 or niacin makes your skin glow and look younger.

Vitamin B3 repairs the skin

Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is a very effective nutrient for the skin that offers many benefits for mature and blemish-prone skin. The special: it repairs skin damage, which helps, for example, uneven complexion, fine lines, dullness and weakened skin barrier.

Vitamin B3 activates the energy centers of the cells

An international team of researchers has investigated why increasing age is associated with degeneration of physical organs such as the liver, muscles and heart. By studying older mice, they found that vitamin B3 activates mitochondria – the energy centers of cells – allowing organs and muscles to regenerate better and behave like a younger version of themselves again.

Of course, further research is needed here to determine how and in what dosages vitamin B3 can be used.

Niacin content of vegan foods

Peanut 14.3 mg/100 g
Chanterelle 6,5mg/100 g
Rice 5,2mg/100 g
Mushroom 5,2mg/100 g
Sesame 4,9mg/100 g
Porcini mushroom 4,9mg/100 g
Barley 4,8mg/100g
Almond, sweet 4,2mg/100g
Sunflower seed 4,1mg /100g
Pine Kernel 3,6mg/100g

This is how much vitamin B3 the body needs daily

Adults Men Women
19 to under 25 years 16mg 13mg
25 to under 51 years 15mg 12mg
51 to under 65 years 15mg 11mg
65 and older 14mg 11mg

Source: DGE

At Ogaenics, the niacin comes from organic plants and is included in all products with a vitamin B complex.

Here is vitamin B3

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