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Ogaenics organic hair loss supplement is made in Germany, 100% certified organic, natural, vegan, with an effect you see and feel.
All our products are free from all the things you don’t want to consume. This is guaranteed by the organic seal as well as by our independent laboratory testing.

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Kennzeichen bio-zertifiziert

certified organic

Kennzeichen vegan


Kennzeichen ohne Gentechnik

without additives

Kennzeichen ohne Gentechnik


Kennzeichen glutenfrei

gluten free

Kennzeichen Laktosefrei

lactose free

The most important nutrients you should have checked if you have hair loss

Nutrients are important factors in maintaining the normal hair follicle cycle and hair growth. Therefore, if you experience hair loss, you should check if there is a nutrient deficiency behind it.

Studies have shown that low vitamin D levels or an iron deficiency may be behind this. This can be easily detected with a simple blood test and corrected with vitamin D or iron supplements.

Iron is a mineral that your body needs for growth and development. It uses iron to make hemoglobin, in the red blood cells, which carries oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the organism. You also need iron for the formation of some hormones.

How much iron do you need?

The amount of iron you should consume daily depends on your age, gender, and whether you eat a purely plant-based and vegan diet. Vegetarians and vegans need almost twice as much iron as the chart indicates because you don’t absorb the non-heme iron in plant foods as well as the heme iron in animal foods.

Iron is available from Ogaenics in natural form in all organic multivitamin mineral supplements, Iron Maid Plant-Based Iron (14 mg), and Feed Your Blood | Blood Building Complex (30 mg).

Age Recommended iron intake (DGE)
Teens female 15-18 years 15 mg
Teens male 15-18 years 12 mg
Women 19-50 years 15 mg
Men 19-50 years 10 mg
Adults > 51 years 10 mg
Pregnant 30 mg
Breastfeeding 20 mg

Vitamin D helps you absorb calcium, move your muscles, and transmit messages to your nerves. Your immune system needs vitamin D to fight off invading bacteria and viruses. Research has also investigated the possible role of vitamin D in hair loss in many studies in recent years. The majority of studies found that low blood levels of vitamin D were prevalent in hair loss.

In case of hair loss, have your vitamin D level checked by your doctor, by a laboratory or by self-test from the pharmacy. If necessary, you can remedy a deficiency well with supplements. A suitable product for this purpose is, for example, our Hello Sunshine Vitamin D3 Complex with 2,000 I.U. per capsule.

How much vitamin D do you need daily?

The amount of vitamin D you need per day depends on your age. The following are the recommended average daily amounts for different age groups in micrograms (µg):

Age Recommended vitamin D intake (DGE)
Teens 15-18 years 20 µg
Adults 20 µg
Pregnant 20 µg
Breastfeeding 20 µg

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The Ogaenics Difference

Our Mission: Honest Goodness

Our Mission: Honest Goodness

Ogænics’ mission is to do the right thing for you and the planet – by creating products that contain only the best, while being totally natural, ethical, effective and sustainable.

Our quality: strictly organic

Our quality: strictly organic

Ogaenics are certified organic food supplements made from 100% plant ingredients, without any additives. Our products contain only natural nutrients, obtained from precious plant extracts grown under controlled organic conditions.

Your benefit: greatest effectiveness

Your benefit: greatest effectiveness

The natural, purely plant-based organic nutrients from Ogaenics are recognized by your body as food and are therefore transported into the bloodstream faster. They are also more gentle on your digestive system than synthetic supplements.

Organic food supplement for hair loss

Our organic nutritional supplement supports your hair roots and scalp from the inside in case of hair loss.

Ogaenics organic nutritional supplements are made in Germany, 100% certified organic, natural, vegan, with effects you will see and feel.

All our products are free from all the things you don’t want to consume. This is guaranteed by the organic seal as well as by our independent laboratory testing.

Your body thanks you by immediately recognizing and optimally using the natural organic nutrients against hair loss. That’s the Ogaenics difference.

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