Yoga exercises, suitable nutrients and proven measures for period pain.

We women all know those days of the month when we would like to curl up in bed with period pain. Fortunately, however, there are natural ways to relieve this pain without resorting to medication. So in this blog post, you’ll learn about various measures that have been proven to help relieve your period pain naturally.

Yoga exercises for period pain

One option is yoga exercises for period pain. There are certain poses in yoga that can help improve circulation in the body and relax the muscles. This will help you relieve your period pain. These include, for example, the well-known exercises of the cobra or child’s pose. In addition, here are some other poses that you should try, as they have been proven to help:

1. the sitting butterfly

This yoga pose is one of the most effective measures against period pain, as it opens the hips and stretches the groin muscles. As a result, it can increase your blood flow to the pelvic area, relieving cramps.

2. the cobra

The cobra pose can be a great help for you, especially in relieving period pain. It not only stretches the abdominal muscles, but also strengthens the lower back, which is especially important since back pain is often associated with PMS. In addition, it can even help improve the mobility of your spine.

3. the child attitude

Child pose is undoubtedly one of the best and easiest exercises that can help you with your period pain. By stretching the pelvic and abdominal muscles, this posture can relieve cramps. In addition, it promotes relaxation of the mind and body, which will also do you good in general.

4. the lying butterfly

This pose stretches your hip and groin muscles, relieving PMS cramps and stimulating circulation in the pelvic area. Thanks to deep relaxation, stress can be relieved and your mind can find calming.

5. the knee to chest posture

Apanasana, better known as knee to chest posture, can also help you with period pain. It stretches the lower back muscles and massages the abdomen, which can relieve cramps and bloating.

6. the lying rotation

This gentle pose stretches your back muscles and relieves tension in the lower back, which helps with cramps and period pain. The rotation also stimulates the digestive process, which can help with bloating and indigestion during your period.

7. legs-on-the-wall

This yoga pose relieves tension in the lower back and legs and promotes circulation in the pelvic area, which will help you with cramps and period pains. In addition, the deep relaxation in this posture can calm the mind and relieve stress.

However, it’s important to listen to your body and not push yourself too hard, especially if you’re in a lot of pain.

Magnesium for period pain

Magnesium can help you relieve your period pain. It can help promote muscle relaxation, reducing your pain and cramps. One study showed that women who took 250 mg of magnesium daily had significantly less period pain.

At Ogaenics you will find the best, purely plant-based magnesium from organic algae in our CALM A LAMA Plant-based Bio-Magnesium and in the PMS Support set. This natural magnesium can be absorbed by your body particularly quickly and effectively, thus quickly relieving your period pain.

If you have PMS symptoms other than period pain, such as headaches, breast tenderness, mood swings, or increased irritability, you may want to try our PMS Support set in addition to magnesium. This nutrient combination supports better hormone balance, balances mood swings and irritability, and helps you get through your cycle better.

Heat for pain relief

One of the simplest methods of pain relief for period pain is the application of heat. A hot water bottle or heating pad can help you relax your muscles and relieve your pain. Also, wearing warm clothes and socks will ensure that your body doesn’t cool down and thus the pain won’t increase.

Relaxation techniques for period pain

Relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, meditation or autogenic training can help calm the body and relieve your pain. Stress can actually increase your perception of pain. By using relaxation techniques, you can reduce the stress and thus relieve the pain.


Overall, you have many options for relieving your period pain naturally. A combination of different methods such as yoga, the nutrient magnesium, heat and relaxation techniques can be particularly helpful. However, it is important that you listen to your body and always consult a doctor if you experience severe pain.

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