These four supplements will make you even more beautiful for your wedding and for your appearance as a radiant bride – guaranteed!

Planning a wedding can be soooo stressful. But it is better not to look at one! More glow, less stress and more energy are on every bride-to-be’s wish list in the time leading up to the wedding. It is clear that supplements cannot perform miracles for an expectant bride and above all cannot replace a healthy diet, exercise or sufficient sleep. However, the right vitamins and minerals can definitely give that much-needed extra boost – provided you give them enough time to do their “job” in the body.

The pro-beauty and anti-stress program for the bride with supplements works ideally if you start at least two months before the wedding. After all, no miracle will happen “overnight”. Nevertheless, there are some “last minute” helpers. What you should start with and when, we reveal here.

2 months before the wedding: get skin, hair, nails in top shape

Skin, hair and nails should be in top shape for every bride and have that special “glow”. In addition to flawless skin, this includes healthy, shiny hair and strong nails with the perfect manicure (because your hands and wedding ring will be in hundreds of wedding photos!). Your best friend when it comes to beauty is therefore the Beauty Base Skin, Hair, Nails Complex with everything you need for a radiant day as a bride. It improves skin elasticity and moisture, fights inflammation, provides beautiful hair and strong nails (2 month pack for 59,90 €).

1 month before the wedding: reduce stress and give energy

Adapto-Genie Balancing Complex with energizing B vitamins and adaptogen is every bride’s favorite companion on the last meters before the wedding. It helps to reduce stress hormones, supports energy metabolism and also prevents stress-related skin problems. (1 month for 74,90 €).

Calm A Lama Plant Based Magnesium supports relaxation in the evening during hectic preparations and prepares for a restful night. Because beauty sleep to regenerate is now important to shine as a bride on the day of days! (2 months for 49,90 €).

1 week before the wedding: flat stomach for wedding dress

Probiotics are good for gut health and digestion. And if everything goes “smoothly” in the gut, they even conjure up a sensationally flat stomach for you as a bride at your wedding – with figure-hugging wedding dresses, of course, mega important on the day of the days! But did you know that a healthy gut also means clearer, better skin and more energy? This may also be due to the fact that the good intestinal bacteria produce biotin and vitamin B12, among other things. A capsule Love your Gut Daily Biotic Complex from Ogaenics with 10 billion of these “good” bacteria he therefore belongs on your “must-have” list as a bride at least a week before your big day (1 month for 39.90 €).

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