Organic green algae Ulva Lactuca


Organic green algae Ulva Lactuca

Origin South America and France | supplier of magnesium

The green alga Ulva Lactuca, also known as green sea lettuce or sea lettuce, grows in the wild on France’s beautiful Atlantic coast. This species likes to grow on rocky ground, mussels or other types of algae. In France it is appreciated as well as a delicacy. When eaten harvested fresh from the sea, it tastes slightly like sorrel.

What active ingredients does the green algae contain?

With its high natural magnesium content, this green algae is an excellent source for plant-based magnesium and provides a broad range of other important trace elements.


Where does the green algae Ulva Lactuca grow that is used for Ogaenics?

Our organic green algae grow in the wild in France and South America on rocky ground, mussels or other types of algae. They are found in sheltered bays in the Atlantic Ocean where the sea water is pure and shallow. The purity of the water is constantly checked and measured. The organic algae are harvested by hand using sustainable methods.

How is Ogaenics Ulva Lactuca powder being made?

The algae are carefully harvested by hand while taking time and effort. After they have been thoroughly rinsed, they are carefully dehydrated at a low temperature and finally grinded. Then the extraction using pure sea water takes place. After a second drying in the sun, the algae is gently grinded into a fine powder.

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