If you think you lose more hair in the summer, you’re not wrong.

Summer can be quite hard on your hair. Sun, salty water and high humidity are part of it. But can summer even cause you to lose more hair than usual? We’ll answer your burning questions about summer hair loss and have put together some great tips to keep your hair healthy, conditioned, shiny and happy. Take Care!

Do we lose more hair in the summer?

Hair loss in summer is a very real problem. So if you think you’re losing more hair, you’re not wrong. Studies have shown that in the summer months there are more hairs in the telogen phase or resting phase, which then fall out. However, it is not entirely clear why this happens. Some have theorized that UV light may be the cause of seasonal hair loss, but more research is needed to confirm that this is the cause.

People with certain hair types are also more affected by hair loss in summer than others. Especially if you have fine hair you are often affected. However, it is necessary to distinguish whether it is hair loss in the scalp or hair breakage.

How can you prevent hair loss in summer?

There are a number of ways to prevent hair loss. It mainly depends on how much care you want to invest in your hair and how you eat.

It is especially important to perfectly supply your hair roots with the right nutrients from the inside to get healthy, strong and shiny hair. Eat more protein and regularly take supplements that provide you with the nutrients biotin, zinc, silicon, vitamin C, omega fatty acids and millet extract. This can be the breakthrough for you to a new hair quality and at the same time prevent the increased hair loss in summer.

You’ll find all these valuable nutrients in our duo for naturally beautiful hair from the inside out, packed with purely plant-based organic vitamins and organic nutrients that support the sustainable health of the scalp and hair from the inside out, providing shine and volume and preventing hair loss.

Protect your hair

There are a handful of preventative measures that will ensure your hair is at its best during the summer months. To protect your hair from excessive sunlight as a cause of hair loss in summer, you should protect your hair from the sun with a hat or a scarf like our co-founder Suse Leifer likes to wear on the North Sea island of Sylt. You are not only fully on trend, but also perfectly protects your hair.

Furthermore, if you want to better protect your hair from the sun this summer while avoiding useless chemicals, we have a DIY recipe for you that is quick, cheap and super easy to make.

DIY Tip: Coconut Oil Lime Hair Sunscreen

Coconut oil is very hot right now when it comes to natural hair care. The ingredients of coconut oil nourish your hair, make it soft, moisturize it and prevent hair breakage. But buy it in organic quality.

Lime protects your hair from sun damage and stimulates hair growth. Not only will you be protecting your hair from the sun, but you’ll also be doing something good for our environment by avoiding synthetic hair care products.


Coconut oil (approx. SPF 4)
1/2 cup water
A squeeze of lime

To make the coconut oil mix well with the water and lime juice, warm a tablespoon of it. Mix everything together and fill the sunscreen into a plastic bottle and store it at room temperature.

When the coconut oil begins to solidify, place the entire bottle in a water bath briefly. The warm solution will feel good when you apply it to your hair and scalp.

DIY recipe for SOS hair mask

If your hair is already stressed, you can soothe it again. Even our grandmothers knew that egg yolk turns dry, summer hair into silky curls. Avocado is also rich in B vitamins and healthy fats that will make your hair shine again.

Ingredients: avocado

1/2 avocado
2 eggs
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

To make this mask, mash the avocado and then slowly stir in the eggs and olive oil. Leave the hair mask on for as long as you want, but make sure to rinse it out with cold water before shampooing, as hot water could cause the egg yolk in it to curdle.

When does too much hair loss in the summer become a bigger problem?

Let’s say you follow the preventive measures and care for and protect your hair as recommended, but you still notice more hair falling out. When is it time to see a dermatologist?

Summer hair loss of 50 to 100 hairs per day is normal. If you are losing more hair, or if you notice hair loss in a particular pattern (for example, at the temples or on the crown of the head), it is worth seeing a dermatologist to look for the causes of the hair loss. It could be due to your nutrient supply. Our article “Boost your hair growth and quality” gives you insights into how you can change this.

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