Organic knotted kelp


Organic kelp

Origin Iceland | supplier of iodine

Knotted kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum) is a wild, shallow, tidal brown bladderwrack. It has long, chewy and leathery fronds that can grow up to the length of two metres. With these it clings to rocks and boulders.

What active ingredients does kelp contain?

Wild knotweed, also known as kelp, provides nutrient-dense, mineral-rich, natural whole food ingredients. These can provide an adequate supply of iodine in our daily diet without adverse effects on thyroid function.


Where does the organic kelp which is used in Ogaenics grow?

Our organic knotted kelp is harvested from Breiðafjörður, a wide fjord in the western part of Iceland.

How is Ogaenics organic kelp powder being made?

After the harvest area is checked in advance to ensure that all the criteria for a high-quality organic harvest are met, the harvest protocol will be strictly followed. Within a specified time frame, the fresh kelp must arrive at the processing station. There, the knotted kelp is first crushed and then dried and ground at low temperature. A multi-stage quality and analysis process completes the production.

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