Organic Holy Basil


Organic Holy Basil

Origin | source of biotin and vitamin B3


This particular basil plant is native to tropical and subtropical Asia, specifically the Indian subcontinent. It is a member of the mint family and grows at altitudes up to 1800 meters. The plant is also known as Indian basil, tulsi or Holy Basil. The herb was considered sacred by Indian kings. The name “Tulsi” means “The Incomparable”, presumably because of its unique health benefits.

What active ingredients does Holy Basil contain?

Organic Holy Basil or tulsi is considered an adaptogen, a so-called “adaptation helper” that makes people more robust to stressful stimuli and environmental disturbances. The active ingredient eugenol contained in the leaves also has a disinfecting effect and inhibits the growth of pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. Tulsi also contains ursolic acid and carvacrol, both of which have antimicrobial properties. And this plant is full of valuable B vitamins, why we are very fond of it.


Where does the organic Holy Basil used for ogaenics grow?

Our Holy Basil grows in India in the Salem region of the state of Tamil Nadu and in the state of Odisha at an altitude of 2000m, where it is planted and harvested by family farms in both areas according to organic farming guidelines. Instead of using harmful chemicals and practices such as composting; crop rotation and intercropping are used to control weeds and pests as well as providing valuable nutrients to the soil. No synthetic fertilizers or pesticides are used. It is harvested by hand once a year between April and June.

How is Ogaenics Holy Basil extract made?

The carefully harvested Holy Basil is extracted only with water and then spray dried. In this way, all important co-nutrients and co-factors of the contained B vitamins are preserved. If you want to learn more about the effects of Holy Basil aka tulsi, read our blog article.

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