Organic saffron

Organic saffron

Origin Iran | supplier for Safranal and Crocine

Saffron belongs to the crocus family (Crocus sativus). It blooms soft purple in November and grows mainly in the Mediterranean region as well as in Asia. There it is painstakingly harvested by hand and then – bottled in tiny quantities – sold mainly as a valuable spice. A single kilogram requires 150,000 flowers. The total global production per year is only 200 tons – therefore saffron is one of the most precious raw materials in the world.

What active ingredients does saffron contain?

Saffron has a long history of use, for nearly 3,500 years it has been used as a spice and in Persian & Indian Ayurvedic medicine for its mood-lifting effects. The medicinal herb is considered an adaptogen, a so-called “adaptation helper”, which makes people more robust to stressful stimuli and disturbing influences from the environment. The main active ingredients are safranal and the carotenoids responsible for the yellow color in saffron, called crocins.


Where do the saffron used for Ogaenics grow?

Our organic saffron comes from the province of Khorasan in Iran, which is famous for the best quality saffron. It is grown in the fields of the first cooperative with more than 100 producers according to the rules of organic farming in a semi-desert area. For saffron requires only 4-5 waterings in the growing season. Harvest time is in October: then the saffron is picked by hand in the early morning hours and the pistils are carefully separated and dried. We use only the premium saffron quality Sargol.

How is the Ogaenics saffron extract produced?

From the precious dried organic saffron is created brand extract Safr’inside™. For this, the dried saffron flowers are gently extracted with water and bio-ethanol and then filtered. The liquid red saffron extract is then concentrated under vacuum, pasteurized and dried a second time under vacuum. In the last step, it is sieved and ground until the precious raw material used for Ogaenics is ready. Each batch of organic Safr’inside™ is guaranteed to contain 2% Safranal, 3% Crocine as well as 12% Safromotivine.

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