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Organic bamboo shoots


Organic bamboo shoots

Origin India | supplier of silicon

Bamboo is an evergreen, fast-growing plant native to every continent except Europe and Antarctica. In addition to its importance as a building material, bamboo shoots are mostly used as a food. We use the species Bambusa arundinacea.

What active ingredients does bamboo shoots contain?

Organic bamboo shoots are one of the richest natural sources for organic silicon delivered in its purest form. Silicon is an important component of the connective tissue, blood vessels, tendons and ligaments as well as bones, cartilage, hair and nails in the human body.

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Where do the organic bamboo shoots grow that are used for Ogaenics?

The organic bamboo shoots used for Ogaenics grow where they originate, in India, and are planted and harvested according to the guidelines of organic farming. Instead of using harmful chemicals, practices such as composting, crop rotation and intercropping are used to control weeds and pests as well as providing valuable nutrients to the soil. No synthetic fertilizers or pesticides are used.

How is Ogaenics silicon being produced from organic bamboo shoots?

We use only organic bamboo shoots for our organically bound silicon. The silicon is gently extracted and standardized only using water. As a result, it is naturally combined with other minerals and trace elements and is particularly well metabolised by your body.

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