Claudia Seehusen

Ogaenics Co-Founder and Nutrition Coach.

“It has always been close to my heart to do good for people and our environment with my work. Together with Suse, I have made my dream come true with Ogaenics to offer everyone a simple way to improve their health and well-being.”

Claudia Seehusen is a certified nutrition coach and expert in corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Health issues and healthy eating have always been an important part of her life. In the process, she also dealt intensively with nutritional supplements and learned what an important role a good supply of micronutrients plays for health when she was on the verge of a burnout many years ago and physically almost nothing worked anymore. But because most of the products on the market were not good enough for her, she founded her own company with her friend Suse Leifer without further ado. Besides her work at Ogaenics, Claudia Seehusen loves Mediterranean cuisine, green smoothies, yoga, running, traveling with her husband and is a passionate amateur gardener.

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