Suse Leifer

Ogaenics Co-Founder and Nutrition Coach.

“I was lucky enough to survive cancer. Through dietary changes and the transformative power of supplementation, I was able to elevate my health and energy to a new level. I like to share that with other people”

Suse Leifer is a certified nutrition coach and an expert in e-commerce and communication. The idea for Ogaenics came to her together with her friend Claudia Seehusen during a healthy lunch when she was still deep in her healing phase. It was a natural step for her to leave behind her hectic life as a marketing manager in a large publishing house and finally give more space to her interests, experiences and holistic approach to life. For Suse Leifer, health, healthy eating, nutritional supplements, fasting and yoga are real favorite topics. She loves vegan cuisine, cold-pressed juices and green cosmetics. She likes to spend her free time with her husband and son in the most beautiful city of Hamburg.

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