Organic agave

Organic agave


Organic agave

Origin Mexico | supplier of inulin

Agaves are a group of succulent plants that grow well in sparse environments. Therefore, the land used for their cultivation does not compete with traditional agriculture. They have a special importance in Mexico and other Latin American countries, where they are traditionally used for the production of spirits (e.g. tequila, mezcal).

What active ingredients does agave contain?

Agave contains fructans or inulin. These are polysaccharides that act as dietary fiber. This means that they are not absorbed by the body, but enhance the growth and activity of certain beneficial bacteria in the large intestine (bifidobacteria). This has a positive effect on the digestive system.


Where does the organic agave grow that is used for Ogaenics?

The organic blue agaves used for the Ogaenics inulin grow in their original habitat, Mexico, in a region known as “Los Altos de Jalisco” or Jaliscan Highlands. There they are planted and harvested according to the guidelines of organic farming. The agave landscape consists of beautiful blue agave fields between foothills and valleys and is considered a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site in Mexico and is part of Mexico’s national identity.

All agave fields, which have a combined size of about 4000 hectares, are cultivated by local families and workers of the region. The agave grows for 5 to 7 years in the Mexican sun until it is harvested by hand. It’s a long time until harvest, but it’s worth the wait to get the finest inulin available.

The harvesting of the agave is called “Jima” and is a traditional process performed by experienced “Jimadores” who only use their hands and a special tool to obtain the heart, the kernel or “Piña” of the plant.

How is Ogaenics inulin being produced from organic agave?

Our inulin is gently extracted from the organic blue agave. For this purpose, the agaves are chopped and grinded to get small pieces. The following extraction is done by using pure water without any solvent. The extract is carefully filtered and at the end spray-dried. The result is finest high-quality inulin.

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