Dunaliella salina algae


Dunaliella salina algae

Origin Australia | supplier of carotenoids (plant precursor of vitamin A)

Dunaliella salina is a unicellular algae and belongs to the group of green algae. It is known to accumulate large amounts of beta-carotene under high concentrations of light and salt. Their cells turn from green to orange to dark red. It settles worldwide in so-called hypersaline waters, i.e. waters with a very high salt content, such as brines, salt evaporation ponds or lakes. Among all microalgae, Dunaliella is the one that is richest in terms of carotenoids. The carotene content can make up to 10% of their total weight.

What active ingredients does Dunaliella salina algae contain?

Dunaliella salina microalgae is rich in mixed carotenoids, the safe plant precursor of beauty vitamin A (think: retinol from within!). Vitamin A contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and mucous membranes and stimulates cell regeneration.


Where does the Dunaliella salina algae grow that is used for Ogaenics?

The cultivation of Dunaliella algae takes place in open ponds. Our Dunaliella salina algae grows in Australia in open ponds near the seashore. After about 5 weeks of undisturbed growth without any additives, the algae is finally harvested in whole.

How is Ogaenics Dunaliella salina extract being produced?

The extraction is carried out with the solvents ethyl acetate and hexane, which are completely removed from the product after extraction. The product is then filtered with a vacuum filter and dried by vacuum drying. Our Dunaliella salina extract has a mixed carotenoid content of more than 10%. Of these, 90-95% are beta-carotene, 2-4% are alpha-carotene, and 0.3-2% are xanthophylls of total carotenoids.

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